The Minor Poems of Vergil Comprising the Culex Dirae Lydia Moretum Copa Priapeia and Catalepton
Individual Immortality
The School Custodian His Duties and Responsibilities
Taxation in the United States 1789-1816
A Sketch of the Munro Clan Also of William Munro Who Deported from Scotland Settled in Lexington Massachusetts and of Some of His Posterity Together with a Letter from Sarah Munroe to Mary Mason Descriptive of the Visit of President Washington to Le
The Working Classes of Upper-Silesia an Historical Essay
A Short View of the Political Situation of the Northern Powers Founded on Observations Made During a Tour Through Russia Sweden and Denmark in the Last Seven Months of the Year 1800 with Conjectures on the Probable Issue of the Approaching Contest
Vocational Education in Wisconsin Articles
History of Colonel Edmund Phinneys Thirty-First Regiment of Foot Eight Months Service Men of 1775 with Biographical Sketches of the Commissioned Officers and Rolls of the Companies
Genealogy of the McKay Family Descendants of Elkenny McKay the Founder of the Family in Am And Incl 37 Generations of the Ancestors of the Family of Daniel McKay A D 560 to 1890
The Teaching of Manual Arts
Handbook of the Paintings and Sculptures in the Permanent Collections of the Corcoran Gallery of Art
Travels to the Coast of Arabia Felix and from Thence by the Red Sea and Egypt to Europe Containing a Short Account of an Expedition Undertaken Against the Cape of Good Hope in a Series of Letters
A History of the Old Presbyterian Congregation of the People of Maidenhead and Hopewell More Especially of the First Presbyterian Church of Hopewell at Pennington New Jersey Delivered at the Pastors Request on Sabbath Morning July 2d 1876
Calendar of the Muniments Records of the Borough of Shrewsbury
A Pennsylvania Bison Hunt Being the Results of an Investigation Into the Causes and Period of the Destruction of These Noble Beasts in the Keystone State Obtained from Descendants of the Original Hunters Including a Sketch of the Career of Daniel Ott
An Elementary Treatise on Musical Intervals and Temperament with an Account of an Enharmonic Harmonium Exhibited in the Loan Collection of Scientific Instruments South Kensington 1876 Also of an Enharmonic Organ Exhibited to the Musical Association of
The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the House of Geo Borgfeldt Company New York
Catalogue of Rattan and Reed Furniture
The Scattered Nation
The Siege of Jerusalem
Sketch of the History of Attleborough From Its Settlement to the Present Time
The Founders of New England
Regeneration in Planarians
Marine Fossils from the Coal Measures of Arkansas
The Preparation of Japan Tea
The Game in Wall Street And How to Play It Successfully
The Spanish Succession War
The Barge Canal System Being Constructed by the State of New York
Facts Connected with the Social and Sanitary Condition of the Working Classes in the City of Dublin With Tables of Sickness Medical Attendance Deaths Expectation of Life c c
Oriental Translation Fund Volume 46
The Crest of the Continent A Record of a Summers Ramble in the Rocky Mountains and Beyond
The Homeric Hymns Tr Into Engl Prose by J Edgar
The Ideal Catholic Readers
The Little Poems of Barbara Erskine
The Pictorial History of Brooklyn Issued by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on Its Seventy-Fifth Anniversary October 26 1916
The Trail of the Sandhill Stag and 60 Drawings
Steel Tires Causes of Defects and Failures
Starting Right with Bees
Observations on the Principles and Methods of Infant Instruction
Heavy Rifled Ordnance Cast Iron and Wrought Iron Review of the Report of the Ordnance Select Committee [publ by the War Office]
Correspondence of King James VI of Scotland with Sir Robert Cecil and Others in England During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth With an Appendix Containing Papers Illustrative of Transactions Between King James and Robert Earl of Essex Principally Pub Fo
The Limitation of Armaments A Collection of the Projects Proposed for the Solution of the Problem
Physical Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland
The Bushrangers Illustrating the Early Days of Van Diemens Land
King Lear Parallel Texts of the First Quarto and the First Folio
Naval Researches Or a Candid Enquiry Into the Conduct of Admirals Byron Graves Hood and Rodney
The Black Avenger of the Spanish Main or the Fiend of Blood A Story of the Buccaneer Times
Old Newburyport Houses
The Oldest Code of Laws in the World The Code of Laws Promulgated by Hammurabi King of Babylon

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